"classic style. modern edge"

City of Buffalo

Buffalo and western New York are full of architectural gems. One of my favourite hobbies is to take my camera and wander the city streets in all kinds of seasons!

Urban Decay

A once mighty shipping port and gateway to the west, Buffalo has many old industrial buildings. You’ll see amazing grain mills  dotting the waterfront as well as other “rust belt” relics.

Pet Photography

I’m excited about my new studio space on Hertel Avenue in Buffalo. I’m using this space to take pictures of your pets! Come and bring your furry friend and take advantage of a great special I’m offering.

Tess Moran

Hi. Thanks for stopping by my site. I am a photographer in the Buffalo, New York area who loves to take pictures of people! My main areas of focus are weddings and portraits. Hope you like what you see! You can call me any time on 716.258.0502.